The Real Zoological Experience

Visit “the Best little zoo in the world,” The Belize Zoo! See more than 45 native species in their natural habitat including endangered and rare species like the Central American tapir, the jaguar and the harpy eagle. The Zoo has a well deserve reputation for conservation of native wildlife, rehabilitation of injured animals and an outstanding public education program. It’s the one site you are guaranteed to see Belize’s wildlife up close and personal.

After lunch at the Harpy’s Café, we will visit one of Belize’s community based conservation site, the Community Baboon Sanctuary (actually, Black Howler Monkeys) in the creole village of Bermudian Landing. Here, the women’s groups and local subsistence farmers have worked together to protect Black Howler Monkey’s habitat along a 20 mile stretch of the Belize River. Since 1985, the number of Howlers within the Sanctuary has increased to between 3000 and 4000 animals.

Things you can see

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