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The Belize Nature and Wildlife Field Course is an immersive and educational eight-day experience crafted to deepen participants’ understanding of Belize’s diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and cultural heritage.

Through activities such as birding, cave tubing, and visits to conservation areas like the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Reserve, the course emphasizes environmental science and the vital significance of conservation.

Cultural immersion is intricately woven into the itinerary with visits to communities like Dangriga, showcasing Belize’s cultural diversity, especially the vibrant Garifuna community. Exploration of Maya archaeological sites, such as Xunantunich, adds a fascinating historical dimension.

The course also delves into marine ecology through presentations on seagrass and mangrove ecosystems, coupled with snorkeling activities in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Night hikes and snorkeling provide unique opportunities to observe nocturnal wildlife. Overall, the Belize Nature and Wildlife Field Course aims to instill environmental stewardship by nurturing appreciation for Belize’s natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural heritage, motivating participants to become passionate advocates for conservation and sustainability.


What's included:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

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Tour Itinerary

  • Arrive in Belize
  • Orientation Session on the Belize Field Course
  • Presentation on the history, people, and geography of Belize
  • Overnight at Tropical Education Center
  • Birding at sunrise on the grounds of the Tropical Education Center
  • Tour the Tropical Education Center, which is situated on 84 acres of tropical pine savannah habitat.
  • Visit the ‘The Best Little Zoo In the world’. The Zoo has over 125 animal species on display, all of which are native to Belize.
  • Travel to the “Jaguar Paw Area” for cave tubing adventure.
  • Return to the Tropical Education Center for dinner and overnight.
  • Following dinner, the group will return to the Zoo and observe some of the nocturnal animals of Belize. Overnight Tropical Education Center.
  • Visit Chaa Creek’s Natural History Center & Butterly Farm, a guided tour here teaches about the life-cycle of the butterfly and their ecological significance.
  • Lunch will be in San Ignacio Town at a local restaurant
  • Following lunch, our group will depart for the Maya site of Xunantunich, the site is accessible only by a 19th century, hand-cranked ferry, which will take us across the Mopan River.
  • The group will then hike for a mile into the heart of this remarkable site.
  • Return to the Tropical Education Center for dinner and overnight.
  • After breakfast, the group will depart to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Reserve.
  • Hike and visit swimming holds in the reserve.
  • After dinner, participants will have the opportunity to take a night hike in the rainforest
  • Overnight at the reserve
  • After breakfast, our group will have the opportunity to hike another one of the trail systems in the Cockscomb Basin
  • After lunch, we will then travel to the Town of Dangriga, this community is dubbed the Cultural Capital of Belize, it is predominantly inhabited by the Garifuna people.
  • Take a short boat ride from Dangriga to Tobacco Caye
  • Dinner and overnight South Water Caye.
  • Following an early breakfast, the group will begin today with a presentation on the importance of sea-grass and mangrove communities found in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve System.
  • Snorkel the sea-grass beds, patch reefs and, numerous mangrove islands.
  • Late in the afternoon, we will return to Tobacco Caye for dinner.
  • Participants will have a chance to do a night-snorkel near the shores and off the boat dock at Tobacco Caye.
  • After breakfast, our group will depart Tobacco Caye for our final night at the Tropical Education Center.
  • Visit Saint Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, The Blue Hole, a 25 ft deep pool provides a great opportunity for swimming and relaxation after your jungle hike.
  • Arrive at the TEC in the late evening for Dinner and Overnight.

After breakfast transfer to the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, for your return flight home.


What wildlife can participants expect to encounter during the Belize Field Course?

The Belize Field Course offers a diverse array of wildlife encounters. From iconic species like the jaguar at the Belize Zoo to the unique avian life explored during birding activities, participants have the opportunity to observe and learn about Belize’s rich biodiversity. The course aims to provide a comprehensive wildlife experience across various ecosystems.

How physically demanding is the Belize Field Course, and what adventure activities are involved?

The Belize Field Course is designed with a moderate level of physical activity. It involves activities such as birding, hiking, cave tubing, and snorkeling. The adventure activities are chosen to provide hands-on experiences in diverse natural settings, offering a blend of education and outdoor exploration.

What educational elements are covered during the Belize Field Course?

The Belize Field Course encompasses a range of educational components, including presentations on the history, people, and geography of Belize. Participants gain insights into environmental science, conservation, and cultural heritage through guided tours of diverse ecosystems such as tropical pine savannah, rainforests, and marine environments. The course aims to foster environmental stewardship by providing a holistic understanding of Belize’s biodiversity and the importance of conservation.

Are there opportunities for hands-on activities during the Belize Field Course?

The Belize Field Course encourages active participation, and participants may have opportunities for hands-on activities/projects. Whether it’s assisting with wildlife surveys, habitat restoration, or other conservation-related efforts, the course aims to provide practical experiences that contribute to a deeper understanding of the local ecosystems and conservation practices.

What is the typical group size for the Belize Field Course?

The Belize Field Course typically accommodates a group size ranging from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 24 participants. This ensures a dynamic and engaging experience while allowing for personalized attention and interaction. 


Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Belize Field Course Experience

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